We’re a Scottish based ISP (internet service provider) determined to offer you a better, faster and more reliable solution to your home and business internet requirements than what’s currently available out there. Join our growing network of users benefiting from ultra fast, future proof connectivity which you can trust won’t slow down.

glorious gaming

effortlessly connect to any online gaming platform for a smooth connection and uninterupted gameplay, regardless of who is online at the same time!

dynamite downloads

multiple users and devices streaming movies, video calls and music at the same time

seamless streaming

multiple users and devices streaming movies, video calls and music at the same time

all simultaneously...


Our internet connection speeds are, well, ludicrously fast... With upload and download speeds of up to one Gigabit (1Gbps), we’re pretty sure we’re the fastest show in town. Because of this beautiful bandwidth, your GigaAir connection can handle a tonne of devices and uses, easy peasy. With increasingly demanding technology and ever changing uses, our ridiculously good connections mean that your setup is future proofed for years to come. So pile ‘em on, baby - we can handle it!


We have a plan perfect for you. At GigaAir, we believe in connections for all at an affordable price. It’s our mission to ensure that as many properties as possible have access to our jawdroppingly capable gigabit world…
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Our business broadband packages ensure that we have a range of product to suit all business requirements. We can offer ultrafast connections capable of handling multiple functions at once. Our dedicated GigaAir fibre connections ensure that your business will always get the bandwidth it needs!
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TV?turn us on

From American Gods on Amazon Prime to The Scottish Cup on Premier Sports and many more. Aerial required for Freeview Play. Additional subscriptions may be required.
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grow ascottishnetworkfor thefuture

Every time someone signs up with us, they’re helping us grow an independent Scottish Network for the future. We’re on a mission to make Scotland a Gigabit nation. Help us build something amazing. Discover the perfect package for you today!
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