Business Broadband

Business Broadband

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Business broadband Packages, No Phone Line required!

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Our package prices are

Delivered via Fibre where possible or by our Wireless Gigabit Network.

50Mbps 100Mbps 200Mbps 500Mbps 1Gbps
£65.00 £90.00 £130.00 £160.00 £185.00

Next working Day SLA
1 Static IP address
Average Speed (50,200,500,1Gbps)
£150.00 Activation Fee
36 Month Contract

Our Next Generation network allows us to offer speeds up to 1Gbps Download and upload via next generation Wireless if your just outside our Fibre area.

We don’t slow your connection down, but at peak times the connection may slow a little. For example a customer on the 1Gbps connection will average around 900Mbps on our Fibre Network and 700Mbps on our wireless network.

Our next generation Gigabit Wireless Network

Our Broadband wireless antenna is small and discreet and connects you to our network when your just out of range of our fibre network. And offers speeds up to 1Gbps once we have extended our fibre network you will have the option to migrate over. This allows us to be more flexible and offer people that are just out of reach of our fibre network.

We Also Offer Leased Line Connections both Wireless and Fibre Optic* from 1Gb to 10Gb

*Where available
Our fibre network

If your in our fibre areas then we will install fibre directly to your home, this fibre offers speeds up to 2.4Gbps Download and 1.2Gbps upload but for now we have limited this to 1Gbps for both download and upload.

Router Included!

To help Maximise your connection we include our router for the term of your contract.

Our Business fibre connection has an optional Ufibre WiFi Router* (60.00 +vat)
Our Default Business Fibre Installation Includes out Termination Equipment ready to be connected to your Internet Router.

*Average speeds, achievable by 50% of users, are 900Mb on a 1Gb connection, 500Mb on a 500Mb connection, 150Mb on a 150Mb connection and 50Mb on a 50Mb connection. 900Mb speed is not achievable by a single device over wifi, for this speed a wired connection is required.

Users on our Wireless network Will be supplied a Edgerouter relevant for the speed of the Conenction.